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How to install your new Mink and Muskrat Pans - Double Post Style

How to install your new Mink and Muskrat Pans - Double Post Style

Here is a little instruction on the best way I have found to install the double post style Wild River Pans.  The pictures are of a 1.5 double post pan installed on a Duke 1.5.  But the same steps will work for any of the double post style pans.

Step 1:  Remove the factory pan.  You will need a replacement Wild River Pan, 1 machine screw, 2 over-sized spacer nuts and  one nylock lock nut.

Step 2:  Insert machine screw through one tab of pan, and put on first over-sized spacer nut. 

Step 3:  Place pan in between jaws, with machine screw far enough in to hold over-sized spacing nut. 

Step 4:  Place machine screw through the two trao pan posts.

Step 5:  Insert second spacer nut and push machine screw all the way through.  You can hold thing second nut with your finger, needle nose pliers or magnetic holder.

Step 6:  Attach the Nylock nut tighten.  I like to have the bolt tight enough so the pan can move separately from the bolt, with as little side to side play as possible.

Step 7:  Adjust the dog so the trap will fire at the preferred position.  This can be done with a pliers or the tool shown.  On some traps there is also a bump on the end of the dog.  You want to file this down as smooth as possible.   

Step 8:  Time to go find some Mink, Muskrats and Coon to test you improved trap on!


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