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How to install you new Mink and Muskrat Pan - Single Post Style

How to install you new Mink and Muskrat Pan - Single Post Style

Here is a little instruction on the best way I have found to install the single post style Wild River Pans.  The pictures are of a single post pan installed on a Victor #2 Square Jaw.  But the same steps will work for any of the single post style pans.

Step 1:  Remove the factory pan.  You will need a replacement Wild River Pan, 1 machine screw, 2 brass washers and  one nylock lock nut.

Step 2:  Using a flat head screwdriver, open up the pan post a little.  This will make working in this space, especially getting the second washer in place much easier later.

Step 3:  Insert machine screw through one tab of pan, and put on first brass washer. 

Step 4:  Place pan in between jaws, and thread the machine screw though the pan.  Leave enough room to get the second washer on in the next tep.. 

Step 5:  Place second brass washer between pan and pan post and thread the machine screw through it.  This can be the trickiest step, and my best method is to drop the washer in, and use the machine screw to wedge it against the far pan post, slowly working the washer down you can get it threaded on fairly quickly.  It will take you a few tried to get the hang of it, but this is the best and smoothest operation for the pan in the long term I have found.  .

Step 6:  Attach the Nylock nut and tighten.  You will end up tightening the gap you made in the pan posts in step 2. I like to tighten the pan so it has some tension on it, and then back it off slightly for a free falling pan for my Mink and Muskrat trapping.  Some prefer additional pan tensions when targeting other animals like raccoons..

Step 7:  Adjust the dog so the trap will fire at the preferred position.  This can be done with a pliers or the tool shown.  On some traps there is also a bump on the end of the dog.  You want to file this down as smooth as possible.   

Step 8:  Time to go find some Mink, Muskrats and Coon to test you improved trap on!


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